Local Democracy Agency Sisak

Local Democracy Agency Sisak (LDA Sisak) is nongovernmental and non-for-profit organisation established in 1996 as a pilot project of Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of Council of Europe with aim to support local democratic processes and promote human rights and active citizenship.

In our work we are using specific methodology of multilateral decentralised cooperation in partnership with local and regional self-governments and other nongovernmental organisation in and out of Croatia.

Since 2006 we are working as a domestic organisation. LDA Sisak a member of Association of the Local Democracy Agencies. 


President - Paula RAUŽAN

Governing Board:

Ivana ŠVRAGULJA (GB President)



Assembly - all members


In 2004 for a project "Human Rights Calender" LDA Sisak has received the Republic of France prize "Liberte-Egalite-Fraternite" for youth human rights education.


Society at what every individual has equal opportunities for using one's own potentials. Peace, human rights, tolerance, mobility and richness of diversity are characteristics of that society.


Local Democracy Agency Sisak by promoting human rights, preserving peace and strengthening local democracy contributes to local community development and active citizenship.

By implementing non-profit programs, connecting and networking responds to the needs of individuals, local government and wider community.

Values and principles

  1. Respect of human rights
  2. Democracy
  3. Tolerance and non-discrimination
  4. Multiculturalism
  5. Active citizenship and development of civil society
  6. Building of partnerships
  7. Connecting communities (social, cultural and economical exchange)
  8. Community development
  9. International cooperation
  10. Stimulation of positive social changes using innovative methods


  • Promote and protect equality of genders
  • Promote and protect women rights
  • Promote and protect minority rights
  • Promote and protect children and youth rights
  • Educate children and youth
  • Work on the development of a local community regarding the protection of human and civil rights
  • Develop co-operation with the same type of organisations and with similar ones in the country and abroad
  • Educate members of the organisation, as well as the public, regarding the Organisation goals, including organising lectures, seminars, workshops, training and other activities
  • Promotion of sustainable development and promotion of ecological consciousness and organise activities in this field of protection of a person's surrounding
  • Support civil initiatives and economical development
  • Perform activities focused on inter-ethnic and inter-religious co-operation
  • Strengthen local democracy through participation of citizens in issuing decisions and development of pluralistic and multicultural society as the foundation for the creation of community to the measure of its citizens
  • Promote and develop local community in European integration process through international cooperation possibilities of local authorities, non-governmental organisations and other institutions.


Previously known as Local Democracy Embassy - Sisak, at the beginning of its work as an international organisation, respond to current needs of the territory in a sense of humanitarian aid and in crises management. By changing the territory needs, LDA Sisak is more involved in democratic reform and capacity building to guaranteed smooth and stable transition to democracy. Moreover it helps in applying European standards in all areas of community life. What has started as pilot project it has been transformed in a sustainable organisation with network of local experts that follows community needs by its programmes and by its results respond to those needs.


Local Democracy Agencies can not exist without its local and international partners and they support.

The role of lead partner:

  • Ensures key support to the LDA
  • Exercises financial and management control
  • Link between LDA and international partners
  • Promotes LDA in ALDA and represents its interests
  • Encourage international partners to provide support to the LDA

The role of partners:

  • Provide financial support to LDA
  • Participate in activity where they have the skills and capacity
  • Encourage their own partners to participate in work of LDA
  • Promote work of LDA in their own communities and encourage twinning among partners' network

The role of host town:

  • Supports work of LDA at the local level same as other partners
  • Actively participate in planning and implementing of activities according to the territory needs
  • Ensures working conditions for LDA

Support of Council of Europe

CoE_logoThe Council of Europe's Congress of Local and Regional Authorities political support is key element of Local Democracy Agencies programme success. The support has been manifested throughout practical activity support of LDA and ALDA in providing expertise, informing and financing concrete projects. Till 2007 Council of Europe has been financing LDA partner meetings that helped great deal in spreading of partners' network.


Association of the Local Democracy Agencies


Association of the Local Democracy Agencies (ALDA) has been established in 1999 in Strasbourg (France) as network organisation of Local Democracy Agencies. During the years it has grown to be one of the most important networks in Europe to foster democracy, human rights and sustainable development at the local level.

ALDA's work can be divided into two pillars:

1. Field work in South East Europe and the Southern Caucasus through 11 Local Democracy Agencies - Croatia (3), Bosnia and Herzegovina (3), Serbia (3), Montenegro (1) and Georgia (1)

2. Best practice exchanges and awareness-raising throughout Europe with its partners and members

ALDA has 146 members from 23 European countries - local and regional authorities, associations of local authorities, nongovernmental organisations and individuals.

Sarajevo, ALDA Annual Assembly 2007


Map of members and partners

Network of the Local Democracy Agencies

There are 11 Local Democracy Agencies working in following countries:

Sisak, Osijek, Brtonigla

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Prijedor, Zavidovici, Mostar

Subotica, Central and Southern Serbia






See map




Office working hours:

Monday-Friday 09:00-17:00

Paula Raužan - President

Ldesk-si@sk.t-com.hr, LDASisak@aldaintranet.org

Volunteer Centre Sisak 


Volunteer Center working hours:

Monday-Friday 10:00-14:00


Main data:

Registration: Office of the State Administration in the Sisak-Moslavina County, Department for General Administration

Legal registration number: 03001204

Tax number: 2031663

Foreign currency account:


IBAN: HR1823600001101881246

Bank address:

Zagrebacka banka d.d.

Samoborska cesta 145

10090 Zagreb, Croatia



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