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A Moment With Me – I am in because I am informed (2016-2017)

7. April 2016.

Funded by the Croatian Ministry for demography, family, youth and social policy and Centre for Civic Initiatives

Program: Priority Area 3: Projects dedicated to protection of elderly people

Lead partner: Centre for Civic Initiatives

Partners: Local Democracy Agency Sisak, Fair Society Alliance

Duration: 1 November 2016 – 31 October 2017

Grant value: 97.000,00 HRK

Target groups: elderly volunteers and seniors active in the local community

Specific project goals:

  • To increase legal protection and information level of elderly people in Karlovac, Zagreb, Sisak and Bjelovar
  • To increase public awareness and sensitivity for legal and social issues of elderly people
  • To increase level of volunteering and social inclusion of elderly people in active life of the local community

Implementation area:

  • Human rights protection
  • Civil society and volunteerism development
  • Health, mental and physical integrity protection and preservation and life quality improvement
  • Geographical area of implementation: Karlovac, Sisak, Bjelovar and Zagreb

Project in brief:

During 12 months in 4 Croatian towns, lead partner, Centre for Civil Initiatives and partners, Local Democracy Agency Sisak and Fair Society Alliance, will create and print legal guide for legal protection of elderly; organize 8 lectures on prevention and legal protection of elderly; organize 8 public forums on topics important for legal protection and integration of elderly in community life; organize 4 mini conferences for professional community on active ageing with examples of good practice in Croatia and abroad; film one educational and promotional movie for implementation of the media campaign throughout Croatia; start one voluntary program in every participating town and gather 40 long-term volunteers; organize 8 voluntary activities in 4 participating town aiming to integrate elderly in the community life, gathering a few hundred elderly people and their fellow citizens; organise monthly educational and creative workshops in which elderly will acquire new knowledge and skills with aim to prevent domestic and other violence; increase life quality of elderly who live in their own homes and prevent them from leaving the same.

By forming local 60+ Clubs, lead partner and other partners in this project will show that civil society organisations are able to successfully initiate and sustain protection and care program for their older citizens as a form of non-institutional service.


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