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An innovative tool for online youth work and non-formal education

1. October 2019.

The Southeast European Youth Network (SEEYN) has a new web portal that makes up a unique digital toolbox – SEEYN Manual – the digi youth portal.

Everything you ever wanted to learn about online learning and digital tools in youth work and non-formal education is here:

DIGI YOUTH is part of the project Youth Work In Progress, in which Local Democracy Agency Sisak is one of the partners. Project is funded by the European Union through the Erasmus + program.

The purpose of the DIGI YOUTH portal is to create a place where young people of various professions or anyone curious about anything digital regarding youth work and non-formal education, can find theoretical and practical commentary on these topics. The portal seeks to provide space for the community that is interested in using and creating digital tools for working with young people and non-formal education in order to grow with the growth of content on the portal.

The portal has two main topics – online learning and digital tools.

Online learning includes the information you need if you want to create online educational content, whether you are planning a webinar on a specific topic, an online course, or creating a complex web-based learning platform. Here you can find and access online learning in non-formal education, share your own experiences or find descriptions of the experiences of member and partner organizations, learn a few technical tips and tricks, and more.

Digital tools offer resources that may be of use to you if you want to enrich your activities with online and off-line digital tools. Whether you need answers to “Why use digital tools in youth work and non-formal education?” Or “How to choose the right tool for your activity?”. In case you need inspiration to choose a particular tool, the Digital Toolbox is available.

The portal contains a collection of different digital tools and inspirational practices used in youth work, including: Storybird, Awwapp, Popplet, QR Code Generator, Bad News, Doodle, Zoom, GoToMeeting, WebEx, Canva,, Mentimeter, Coggle, Kahoot, Actionbound, Asana, Slack, Powtoon, and many more.

With the use of existing tools, you can get involved in the work and development of the portal in a variety of ways: comment on the use of existing tools or describe how you use it, if you have developed your online learning tool for youth work or non-formal education you can share your personal or experience of your organization, and if you have developed a manual, conducted a research, written an article or study on eLearning topics or anything else you consider related to non-formal learning and youth work, please write to us at