Vaš partner u izgradnji demokracije

CLINK – Cultural heritage linking diversities in Europe (2019 – 2020)

Project leader: Local Democracy Agency Mostar, Bosnia and Hercegovina

Partners: LDA Sisak, Croatia; LDA Subotica, Serbia ; Association des Agences de la Democratie Locale Strasbourg, France; LDA Knjaževac, Serbia ; LDA Prijedor, Bosnia and Hercegovina ; LDA Nikšić, Montenegro; Omma Studio, Heraklion, Greece ; LDA Zavidovići, Bosnia and Hercegovina ; LDA Albania, Vlora, Albania

Project implementation time: 1 January 2019– 30 June 2020 

Grant value: 148.680,00 €

Donor: EU, Europe for Citizens Program

The project aims to deepen the connection between people from 10 communities from 3 EU Member States (Croatia, France, Greece) and 4 non-EU countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Albania) and the cultural heritage that surrounds them, as well as to raise awareness of the connections and place that their own cultural heritage occupies in the tapestry of Europe’s rich and diverse cultural heritage. Activities are: international events bringing together all partners (Caen / Normandy, France; Knjazevac, Serbia; Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina) and local events in 9 communities. The activities are designed to reach 750 direct and 100,000 indirect participants, have a strong European dimension and address three of the four themes of the European Year of Cultural Heritage: engagement (the practice of approaching European cultural heritage, history and shared values ​​of people; direct involvement of young people in dialogue with national and non-state cultural actors on the policy of promoting and preserving cultural heritage, exploring cultural heritage and creating artistic reinterpretation, engaging the general public with those reinterpretations), sustainability (building public, industrial, religious or military heritage from the ground up, responsible and sustainable tourism developed around cultural heritage) and innovation (education and training for traditional crafts to encourage participation and social innovation).

The views expressed in this text are sole responsibility of the LDA Sisak and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.





Pop-up gallery: Life with Industiral Heritage

On September 27, 2019, a Pop-up gallery of works by young artists on the topic of Sisak Industrial Heritage was put up for competition organized under the project "CLINK - Cultural Heritage as a Link to Europe's Diversity" and the 7th Sisak Industrial Heritage Day....