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Empowering CSOs through the Promotion of European Values and Human Rights

21. February 2024.

On 16th February, we conducted a workshop titled “European Values, Migrant Integration, and Peacebuilding through the Lens of European, National, and Local Documents” as part of the project “Live Equality, Celebrate Diversity!” The aim of this workshop was to provide civil society organizations (CSOs) and public institutions in the Sisak-Moslavina County with the necessary knowledge and tools for promoting European values and fostering inclusive communities.

The workshop commenced with a presentation by Lucija Mulalić from the Center for Peace Studies (CPS), who shared her experience in advocating the integration of migrants with the Coordination for Integration Sisak. She highlighted the establishment of the Coordination for Integration about a decade ago, which now serves as a platform for various associations and institutions involved in promoting integration and addressing migration-related issues. Mulalić also emphasized the importance of the annual event “Week for Refugees” organized by CPS, which plays a crucial role in engaging the community in providing support to migrants. The obtained information will be used by the Sisak Coordination to apply it in its work with users.

Next, Kristijan Kovačić from CROSOL – Croatian Platform for International Citizen Solidarity, conducted a workshop on European values and crafting advocacy messages for the public and decision-makers. Participants were guided through the process of formulating statements of values, identifying problems, proposing solutions, and formulating calls to action. Through interactive exercises, participants honed their skills in developing advocacy campaigns and strategies for effectively conveying their messages.

Continuing the workshop, Antonia Šarić, also from CROSOL, led an interactive session focused on using social media and creating short videos. The goal of this workshop was to inform associations on how to record and format video messages about their work that are comprehensible to the general public.

In today’s digital age, Šarić emphasized the power of visual storytelling in succinctly and persuasively conveying messages. Participants gained practical insights into creating engaging video content and learned techniques for capturing the audience’s attention in a short time frame while effectively delivering desired messages. Participants of the workshop acquired knowledge and skills that they will apply in their daily work, thereby contributing to the promotion of inclusivity in their communities. CSOs will apply the acquired knowledge in an online campaign on social networks that will soon be implemented as part of the project.

The next activities that await us are education on policy analysis and advocacy skills (March 18, 2024) and a working meeting with the Office of the Ombudsman on the state of human rights and ways to report rights violations (April 12, 2024). We invite all civil society organizations and public institutions from Sisak-Moslavina County to follow our website and social networks in order to be informed about the invitation to these activities.


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