EVS volunteers participated at the On-arrival training in Orahovica

15. April 2012.

The on-arrival training for the LDA Sisak volunteers, the first volunteers in Sisak, from Spain and Macedonia, was held in The Red Cross Center for education in Orahovica from the 12-16 April 2012. “I never knew “school” can be that much fun” said Frosina the volunteer from Macedonia. “The organisation, the volunteers I met and the whole multicultural gathering itself was perfect”.

The EVS on arrival training sessions are good because with them you learn how to become a better volunteer in the sense that it can ease the communication with other people, strengthen your self confidence and help you explore ways of dealing with problems. It is also a fun way to learn about other cultures.  In addition to all the things mentioned one will learn how to manage tasks and tools for achieving them, how to get support throughout the service. The training is also a place where other EVS volunteers share what they do and what are their experiences so far. It is the place where learning happens all the time: in classes, during dinner time, while going out…

“I was so happy to be there! We learnt lots of things such as what to expect from being a volunteer, deal with problems, what the non formal education is, improve communication skills, etc” said Silvia. She is the other volunteer from Galicia, Spain. “We had useful information not only about being a volunteer, but also about important things that we need to know for the day by day matters. They showed us how to get to know ourselves better”.

The on-arrival training is for the long term volunteers and is held within four weeks from their arrival. Throughout this training the volunteers will find out information about the European Voluntary Service, how to learn and think through the EVS service, as well as get to know the other volunteers doing their service in other parts of Croatia.

More about the project read here.