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Inclusive Sisak (2022 – 2023)

LeaderCity of Sisak

Partners: Local Democracy Agency Sisak, JRS Croatia

Duration: 1 December 2022 – 31 May 2023

Grant value: 30.000,00 EUR

Donor: EU Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund, pilot project within the EPIC project

Place of implementation: Sisak area


  1. to increase the employment possibilities of migrants in Sisak, through education, support and promotional activities.
  2. to develop the sustainable welcome and integration network at local level.

Project summary:

“Inclusive Sisak” is a pilot project, which specifically owns the activities in order to increase the possibilities for migrant’s employment through education, support and promotion.

The significant problem which has been found out is unemployment of migrants in Croatia, due to being from different countries, holding different culture, level of educational, work background and different understanding about Croatia. This is considered crucial from the previous surveys and consultation with different organisations and to support the migrants in increasing the employment possibilities.

The aim of this project is to introduce the path, which will enable the migrants to learn, to adjust in a new culture, to build their capacity, to get employ and help them to stand on their own feet, instead of be a life time dependent to government supports and other human aid organisations.

Implementation of this project has five major activities in which the migrants will have trainings in order to strengthen their own employment and active citizenship capacities. Further on, establishment of library corner in the local library with a quality offer of the books in migrants’ own languages and books translated to migrants’ languages; cultural exchange activities and joint actions of the local coordination for integration, gathering relevant local stakeholders.

The project will employ one person from the migrant’s society as a cultural mediator to act as a link between the migrant and local community, developing joint local integration activities.


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