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Let’s Play Together for Better Inclusion: Glina High School Pupils Promote Intergenerational Collaboration Through Board Games

14. September 2023.

Pupils from Glina High School joined forces to carry out an inspiring volunteer action under the name “Let’s Play Together for Better Inclusion.” This action is the result of the creative work of pupils from the Manus Aperta school’s volunteer club at Glina High School, along with their dedicated educators, and it is part of the Platform for Development of School Volunteering  project.

The goal of this action was simple yet profoundly significant – to promote intergenerational collaboration through playing board games with elderly individuals. Puipls prepared for this new experience with the support of their mentors, developing empathy and a positive attitude towards older people.

With hearts filled with enthusiasm and smiles on their faces, our young volunteers embarked embarked on their mission. Drawing insights from their preparatory work, they thoughtfully selected board games that would best suit the participants. Their aim was to ensure that the games were enjoyable and aligned with the needs of those involved, all the while gently encouraging the residents to participate.

Board games became a bridge between generations, and laughter and fun filled the terrace of the Radenić Family Home. During this volunteer action, residents had the opportunity to improve their cognitive abilities and spend quality time actively socializing with the youth.

This volunteer action not only promoted intergenerational cooperation but also fostered a deeper understanding of older people within the community. Through their efforts and enthusiasm, pupils demonstrated that together, we can build a better and more inclusive future for everyone.

This action is just the beginning, and we hope it will inspire others to join similar initiatives and contribute to better inclusivity in our society. We extend our gratitude to all the volunteers for their selfless dedication and to the Radenić Family Home for their warm hospitality.

Currently, the Platform for the Development of School Volunteering consists of eight schools in partnership with civil society organizations. These schools are: Strukovna škola Sisak, OŠ Budaševo-Topolovac-Gušće, Srednja škola “Ivana Trnskoga” from Hrvatska Kostajnica, Srednja škola Glina, OŠ Viktorovac from Sisak, Srednja škola Viktorovac from Sisak, OŠ Mate Lovraka from Petrinja, and OŠ Zorke Sever from Popovača.

The Platform for Development of School Volunteering project is implemented by the Local Democracy Agency Sisak in cooperation with partners Vocational School Sisak, Human Rights House Zagreb, and Norsensus Mediaforum Norway. The project is supported with €87,870.00 in financial assistance through the Active Citizens Fund, funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway through the EEA Grants.


The content published in this text is the sole responsibility of LDA Sisak and does not necessarily reflect the views of the donor countries and the Fund Manager.



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