MO.D.E: Mobility for Democracy in Europe (2010-2011)

1. February 2010.

Financed by European Commission, Europe for citizens programme

MODE is designed to bridge the gap between European NGOs in terms of experience and resources and to reduce the European deficit in terms of mobility. We are to encourage the youth, the qualified NGO personnel, but also volunteers to embrace this opportunity as life and carrier opportunity

General objectives:

  • Giving NGOs the opportunity to interact and work together in a equal partnership
  • Encourage the flow of capacities and knowledge in Europe
  • Enhance tolerance and understanding of different cultures
  • Promoting volunteering
  • Support local based NGOs in accession countries
  • Use and encourage trans-national mentoring
  • Familiarize NGO delegates with ICT methods
  • Build up a sense of common responsibility in building Europe together

The project sustains itself upon two activity pillars:

1st Supporting international mobility between NGOs through:

a) a one to one meeting in Strasbourg debating nowadays challenges and needs in terms of democracy; it is to discuss a functioning methodology for trans-national mobility

b) 7 trans-national mentoring sessions: exchange experience meetings and 7 mentoring sessions at local level for local NGOs

c) 2 weeks mobility exchanges between NGOs (staff personnel and volunteers)

2nd Supporting volunteering exchanges:

a) 7 workshops for volunteers fostering active citizenship and civic participation

b) mentoring sessions online for volunteers with the support of the partners

c) creation of leaflets and brochures giving information about mobility programmes and the influence of participative democracy on the European well-being

The partnership, build with 7 partners from 6 countries (France, Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy and Greece) is planned to strengthen relations between European NGOs, help break down barriers between people and groups, promote the learning of other cultures but also support the multiplication of NGOs and NGO networks.

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