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Month of volunteer’ relief in the earthquake effected area

24. March 2021.

British Embassy Zagreb supported the Local Democracy Agency Sisak and our program Volunteer Centre Sisak by finding the project Earthquake relief help in Sisak area.

We provided the support to volunteer’ programs organisers and to 39 citizens interested into volunteering at the earthquake effected area, during the one month of the project implementation.

In cooperation with the association Građanska inicijativa „Moj grad Sisak“ we developed an volunteer program of the filed support for elderly, disabled people and other vulnerable groups in Sisak and Sisak-Moslavina area.

The support was provided for the 19 families, 51 persons in total, in a form of psycho-social support, humanitarian help, chopping and storing woods and assistance in filling up diverse damage request forms.

We wold like to thank our volunteers for giving the 152 volunteer hours to the project beneficiaries, and whose efforts helped greatly to achieve such a great result in a short time.

Further on we are thankful to Sisak Caritas, Red Cross Sisak, Merhamet Sisak, Sisak youth club SKWHAT and Civil Rights Project Sisak in providing food and hygienic necessaries for the project beneficiaries.

Lastly, we are thankful to British Embassy Zagreb for quick and efficient support to the Volunteer Centre Sisak program.

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The content published in this article is sole responsibility of the LDA Sisak and necessary do not reflect the views of the British Embassy Zagreb.



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