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Pandemic impact on global sustainable development goals

28. April 2020.

Another webinar was organized on April 21, 2020 by IAVE – International Association for Volunteer Effort on the impact of coronaviruse on global Sustainable Development Goals. David Styers, coordinator of the Volunteer Groups Alliance and Lynn Wagner and Faye Leone of the Institute for the Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (IISD) spoke on the topic.

Mr Styers briefed the audience on the Sustainable Development Goals and highlighted why it was important for the world to focus on implementing them. He stressed that the 17 Sustainable Development Goals should contribute to a better standard of living. He explained these goals through 5 groups in which the goals were set focused on specific changes. He noted that these goals are focused on change:

1. People and their previous way of functioning

2. Planet and human treatment of water, earth and air pollution

3. Prosperity as a desire for improvement at the economic and industrial level

4. Peace as an item without which nothing can function. While there is violence, wars, etc. it is impossible to achieve peace

5. Partnership – worldwide cooperation at all levels for a better tomorrow

Mrs. Wagner and Mrs. Leone wanted to explain to the attendees what was planned to be done in 2020 in the area of ​​sustainable development and what impact the COVID-19 pandemic had on it. They pointed out that in 2020, a number of seminars were planned to be geared towards Earth-centered goals: Goal 12 – Responsible consumption and production, Goal 13 – Climate Action, Goal 14 – Life bellow water and Goal 15 – Life on Land. Due to the coronavirus, the meetings were canceled and a plan was prepared in the short term to be oriented towards Goal 3 in 2020 – Good health and Well being as an extremely important item in the current situation. They pointed out that overall progress in the area of ​​sustainable development has been reversed by several years and is continuing to reverse because of the coronavirus.

They said that during the pandemic marginalized groups (women, migrants, refugees, people with disabilities, homeless people, health workers, poor health areas) had been forgotten and stressed that it was crucial for volunteer organizations to continue their work if possible.

You can see the Webinar clip here.