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Photo Exhibition “Growing Together” in 2019.

2. December 2019.

Local Democracy Agency Sisak invites to Opening Exhibitions of photos of volunteer programs conducted in the area of ​​Sisak-Moslavina County during 2019, which will be held on December 5, 2019 at 7:00 pm in Sisak Theater 21.

Photographs of the following volunteer organizers were displayed:

Center for Animal and Nature Conservation – Key – Stružec / Popovača; High School Ivan Trnski Hrvatska Kostajnica; Primary School Braća Ribar – Sisak; Primary School Budaševo-Topolovac-Gusće – Sisak; Primary School “Bobetko Brothers” – Sisak; High School Glina;  Primary School Zorka Sever – Popovača; Sisak Cinema Club; Town of Sisak; Secondary school Viktorovac – Sisak; New World, Children and Youth Association – Sisak; Sisak City Museum; Citizens’ Group “Sisak Volunteers”; The parish of St. Alojzije Gonzaga – Popovača; Vrbina Children’s Home – Sisak; Local Democracy Agency Sisak; Popovača Association of Fine Artists “Moslavački Strk”; Association Topot – Kutina; Diabetes Society of the City of Sisak.

This event marks the International Volunteer Coordinator’s Day (5/11) and the International Volunteer Day (5/12), and during the opening of the exhibition visitors will be able to enjoy a short music and stage program by, of course, volunteers.

The exhibition is set to 6 January 2020 and enter is free.

In addition to the opening of the exhibition, the 2019 Volunteer Towns of Sisak Awards Ceremony will be held. Find the winners and commendations on the City’s official website at the link HERE.

Let’s support volunteers and volunteer organizers in building a better place to live because – By volunteering, the world becomes a nicer place!


Programme is co-financed by the Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs. The exhibition is co-financed by the Town of Sisak.


The views expressed in this text are the sole responsibility of the Local Democracy Agency Sisak and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Govermnent Office for Cooperation with NGOs and the Town of Sisak. 



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