Q25 – Strengthening Volunteering’ System in Rural Communities of the Central Croatia (2017-2018)

21. March 2017.

The project is funded by the European Social Fund (Office for NGOs of the Republic of Croatia, PT1 and National Foundation for Civil Society Development, PT2)

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Project leader: Local Action Group (LAG) Vallis Colapis Partners: Local Democracy Agency Sisak, Association Carpe Diem, Red Cross Duga Resa, Home for elderly and dependence people “Sveti Antun” Duration: 1 June 2017-31 May 2018 Grant value: 608.928,36 HRK Target groups: staff, members and volunteers of civil society organisations; health and social public institutions staff; volunteers in local communities; citizens of all age, social health, educational and national groups in project communities, especially young people up to 30 years of age. Overall project objective: Contributing to socio-economic and democratic development in Karlovac, Zagreb and Sisak-Moslavina county area by improving social services volunteering system. Specific objectives:
  1. Improving health and social services in Karlovac, Zagreb and Sisak-Moslavina county by CSOs and public institutions capacity building in efficient voluntary management.
  2. Increasing number of quality and sustainable voluntary programs by developing voluntary support system in the field of health and social services in Karlovac, Zagreb and Sisak-Moslavina county.
The project will impact target groups in the long-term developing and/or improving existing volunteer’ management systems at organisational level but at community level as well. Each involved CSOs/institution will build its own capacity considering that at least 20 of them will have trained staff for managing and coordinating volunteers. Overall, it contributes to local community social capacity fostering in two ways; increasing knowledge of the whole community members on values of volunteering for socio-economic local development and building the target groups’ organisational capacities for volunteer’ management by intensive mentorship support of the involved local volunteer’ centres. Target groups’ organisations will increase number of volunteers, while some of them will develop the whole volunteering internal system from the scratch. This will influence on number of people directly involved in their own local community development by volunteering in CSOs and health and social public institutions. It is very important for health and social public institutions that do not have system of including volunteers in their work, which this project is aiming to change. For more information: LAG Vallis Colapis – Martina Marušić Britvec vck@vallis-colapis.hr LDA Sisak – Paula Raužan Ldesk-si@sk.t-com.hr Martina Jambrović financije@lda-sisak.hr ____________________ The content published on this web site is sole responsibility of the LDA Sisak ____________________