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Second meeting of representatives of the School Volunteering Development Platform

11. July 2023.

“The School Volunteering Development Platform aims to support schools and civil society organizations in the development and sustainable operation of school volunteering clubs.

Primary School Budaševo – Topolovac – Gušće hosted the 2nd meeting of the Platform for Development of School Volunteering on July 5, 2023. In the school premises, 15 representatives from primary and high schools, as well as members of the project team, gathered to collaboratively design the Rules of Procedure for the Platform for Development of School Volunteering and discuss upcoming project activities. The topics of discussion included volunteer actions by students from various schools, scheduled for September 2023, mapping relevant stakeholders to advocate for within the Platform, and the development of a Handbook and its promotion in other cities.

Facilitated by the President of the Local Democracy Agency Sisak, Paula Raužan, the Platform’s members presented their vision for collaboration between schools and civil society organizations in the field of volunteering. The discussion about the direction in which member collaboration, information exchange, and mutual support among participating schools should progress raised questions about the needs of educators working with children and youth in school volunteering clubs and how their efforts could be monitored and evaluated.

In the second part of the meeting, an education on teaching about diversity, discrimination, and affirmative action was held, led by Tina Đaković from the Human Rights House Zagreb. Participants had the opportunity to refresh their knowledge and learn something new about working with children and youth on these topics. The acquired knowledge will be used for the practical education of children and youth on social justice through volunteer activities.

The Platform for Development of School Volunteering, in partnership with civil society organizations, currently consists of eight schools: Vocational School Sisak, Primary School Budaševo-Topolovac-Gušće, High School “Ivan Trnski” from Hrvatska Kostajnica, High School Glina, Primary School Viktorovac from Sisak, High School Viktorovac from Sisak, Primary School Mate Lovrak from Petrinja, and Primary School Zorka Sever from Popovača.

The Platform for Development of School Volunteering project is implemented by the Local Democracy Agency Sisak in cooperation with partners Vocational School SisakHuman Rights House Zagreb, and Norsensus Mediaforum Norway. The project is supported with €87,870.00 in financial assistance through the Active Citizens Fund, funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway through the EEA Grants.


The content published in this text is the sole responsibility of LDA Sisak and does not necessarily reflect the views of the donor countries and the Fund Manager.



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