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SEEYN commented on earthquake-stricken areas in Sisak-Moslavina County

21. January 2021.

The Southeast European Youth Network (SEEYN) on its Facebook profile commented on recent events related to the earthquake in the Sisak-Moslavina County and called on everyone to show solidarity and support to those most affected by this disaster. Special thanks were extended to volunteers, individuals and organizations involved in remedying the consequences and helping those in need.

We transmit the statement in its entirety:

Statement on consequences of recent earthquakes in Croatia
Starting from 28th of December 2020, Croatia, most notably Sisak-Moslavina County, has been an epicenter of destructive seismological activity, resulting in the loss of at least 7 human lives, many injured and many more left without home.
Many have linked the unfortunate recent events with unequal economic development of different regions in Croatia. And, aware that decades of socio-political conflicts have influenced numerous aspects of our lives, we, from South-East European Youth Network, invite everyone to leave such causes aside for a moment, and stand in solidarity with affected citizens of Croatia. Let’s show we care about people despite their nationality or other characteristics.
We genuinely thank volunteers who contributed to disaster relief, proving that voluntarism knows no differences when it comes to those in need. Its aim was, once again, to help. We encourage individuals and organisations to join the disaster relief through volunteering, donation or other adequate means.
We invite media to report on the events ethically and support regional cooperation in hard times, instead of adding the fuel to the fire of the well-known conflicts.
Steering Board of SEEYN