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Sisak Volunteer’ Network (2020)

Leader: Local Democracy Agency Sisak

Partners: Town of Sisak, Elementary school “Braća Ribar” Sisak, Elementary school “Budaševo-Topolovac-Gušće” Sisak, High school Gimnasium Sisak and City Gallery Striegl

Duration: 1 January – 31 December 2020

Grant value: 100.000,00 HKN

Donator: Croatian Ministry of Labour, Pension System, Family and Social Policy

The project purpose is to contribute increased the number of citizens, especially youth, involved in dofferent types of volunteering program i town of Sisak that contribute to the development of the local community and their personal development by strengthening the resources of potential and exsisting volunteer organisations and promoting positive influence of volunteering.

Target groups: associations / institutions; citizens engaged as volunteers and potential volunteers; school students, people with intellectual disabilities and employers.

Expected results:

The results will be accomplished through the following group activities:

1. Development and capacity building of existing and potential volunteer organisers in Sisak for the development of new volunteering programs and increasing opportunities for inclusion of as many citizens in volunteering through education, networking and exchange of information on volunteer offers and work

2. It will increase the number of volunteer organisers using the Volunteer Centre Sisak services and develop volunteering programs, the number of citizens informed and recruited to volunteering and the number of youth involved in volunteering activities.

3. Contribution to the promotion of volunteering among citizens and inclusion of children and young people in long-term volunteering through development of school volunteering as a new form of volunteering in Sisak

4. Contribute to the promotion of positive influence of volunteering on personal development of citizens through the getting familiar of volunteers, volunteer organizers and employers with the Certificate of competences gained through volunteering, and 

5. Improved quality of work of the local Volunteer Center Sisak through capacity building and the process of re-standardization and certification.


The activities are in synergy with the Volunteer Centre Sisak.


The content published on this web site is sole responsibility of the LDA Sisak and necessary do not reflect the views of the Croatian Ministry of Labour, Pension System, Family and Social Policy.



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