Spain in Mečenčani

9. May 2012.

On the occasion of the European Day celebrated on the 9th of May, LDA Sisak EVS volunteer Silvia from Spain, visited primary school “Katarina Zrinski” in Mečenčani (80 km from Zagreb).

Because of the post-war migrations the school became very important in the community.  Tolerance and understanding in school and community are one of the basic postulates in development of civic society.

In one of its classrooms pupils were making a presentation of Spain. This presentation contained details related to distinguished sportsmen from Spain (Fernando Alonso, Rafa Nadal, etc.), emblematic buildings (Sagrada Familia, Santiago de Compostela´s cathedral, etc.), important characters such as Salvador Dalí, Pablo Picasso… and they were talking about Spanish language and habits too.

“I was helping by giving them some useful information about my country and verifying there were no mistakes on it – said Silvia – I felt very proud because they were really involved on that project and because they liked Spain a lot. When we finished the work we were singing Spanish songs and talking about our opinions about Spain and Croatia.  It was a very good experience, children were very kind and funny and they have a lot of curiosity of new things, they were not afraid of asking about everything despite of most of them can not speak English and I can not speak Croatian. This is an example of how people can understand each other if they really want to.”

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