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Step By Step Through A Mentoring Journey!

19. November 2019.

Following the publication of the Manual for Youth Mentoring, (staviti link: The South East European Youth Network published another literature an interesting and effective guide that aims to help and support young mentors along their path, step by step.

The “Mentoring Journey: Step-by-Step” guide was created with the financial support of the European Union through the Erasmus + program and the Youth Work in Progress project, in which the Local Democracy Agency Sisak is one of the partners. The authors of the guide are Ajša Hadžibegović and Marinela Šumanjski.

The process of mentoring in youth work is a meaningful journey for people who lead them to progress in the areas they choose. For mentors, this process means providing constant and professional support throughout the process.

What as a young worker or potential mentor to young people can you find in this Guide: information on the mentoring process in the general and different stages of the process, what are the areas of young person’s development that you could potentially focus on, how to start the mentoring process and what are the crucial and important boundaries, information on where and how to find relevant resources and support for mentoring in working with young people!



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