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Volunteer management training for new generation of the local volunteers’ coordinators in Central Croatia

12. January 2018.

By completing the second module of training about volunteer management in January 2018, the first cycle of capacity building and educating employees of volunteer centres in Zagreb, Zabok, Čakovec, Petrinja and Sisak was completed. The training was conducted by the Volunteer Centre Zagreb, the leader of the project ”On volunteering waves – an infrastructure for strong and connected communities” in which LDA Sisak is partnering.

The project objective is to strengthen the capacity of volunteer centres and volunteer co-ordinators to ensure a quality and sustainable support system for volunteer organisers and volunteers, resulting in a public awareness of the benefits and values ​​that volunteering brings to every individual, community and society as a whole. Additionally, the project aims to increase the number of public institutions and civil society organisations that implement quality volunteer programs to improve services in the areas of health, social welfare and other areas of general interest.

The training gathered 24 representatives from 23 civil society organisations and public institutions in Central Croatia working in the area of social welfare, health care and. During the 4-day training, the participants got familiar with the steps in volunteering management, volunteering planning and volunteer job descriptions, and effective communication in the context of volunteering. The education was led by Jela Prgić Znika and Mateja Medlobi from VCZ. Both modules held in Zagreb; Module I 13-14 December 2017 and Module II 9-10 January 2018.

After strengthening the capacity of local volunteer centres, the empowerment of civil society organisations and public institutions for the effective management of volunteers is followed. All current and future volunteer organisers from Sisak-Moslavina County are invited to join the project in which they will receive following services: education on volunteer management, certification of volunteering competences and mentoring support in the creating and implementation volunteer programs according to quality standards for volunteer organisers.

The project total value is 697,924.69 HRK and is funded by the European Union from the European Social Fund under the Operational Program for Effective Human Resources 2014 – 2020 and the Office for civil society organizations of the Government of the Republic of Croatia.