Vaš partner u izgradnji demokracije


What’s the issue? (2017-2018)

26. January 2017.

Funded by the EU Erasmus + Program, Key activity 3: Support for policy reform

Lead partner: Croatian Employment Office, Regional Office Sisak

Partners: Local Democracy Agency SisakPRONI Centre for social educationSisak-Moslavina CountyOsijek-Baranja CountyVukovar-Srijem County, Croatian Employment Office, Regional office Osijek and Local office Vukovar

Duration: 1 February 2017 – 31 January 2018

Grant value: 10.920,00 €

The project corresponds to the need for higher inclusion of young people in the decision-making processes and youth policy development. Overall objective is fostering active youth participation in democratic life and labour market, addressing specifically:

  • increasing knowledge and skills of young people relevant to policy development processes
  • enhancing dialogue between young people and decision-makers in the area of youth work and working with youth.

The focus is on dialogue between young people and decision-makers through focus groups and working groups meetings. The results of this joint work gathered in the Analyse of the youth work development priorities will be a tool for further inclusion of the young people in dialogue with the decision-makers. This will be a prerequisite for new regional youth policies development, in order to improve youth position and increase youth life quality.


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