Equality Forum Platform

1. November 2015.

Funded by the National Foundation for Civil Society Development

Equality Forum is an open platform of organisations contributing to achievement of equality for all citizens of Croatia.

Croatian Legal Centre coordinates the Equality Forum whose other members areLocal Democracy Agency SisakCentre for Civic InitiativesCenter for Peace, Nonviolence and Human Rights OsijekCenter for Peace, Legal Advice and Psychological Assistance VukovarCESI – Center for Education, Counselling and ResearchDOOR (Society for Sustainable Development Design),  Muscular dystrophy Society of Istria, HOMO Association for human rights and citizens freedom protection, Croatian Antipoverty NetworkInstitute for Social Research in ZagrebLesbian Association Rijeka “LORI”Union of Autonomous Trade Unions of Croatia and Association for Promoting Inclusion.

The vison of the Equality Forum is a society established on equality as a fundamental value of the Republic of Croatia constitutional system.

The Forum objectives:

  • contributing to integrating equality values in the Republic of Croatia public policies;
  • fostering active citizenship and citizens’ participation in public policies;
  • contributing to elevating political accountability and transparency of public authorities.

Equality Forum is granted initial funds for period 1 November 2015 – 31 October 2016 by the National Foundation for Civil Society Development for implementation of Development cooperation through civil society organisations’ Platforms in the framework of the Thematic fund “Democratisation and civil society development 2.0”.