Vaš partner u izgradnji demokracije

Public presentations of a project “Volunteering for Cross border Local Community Development” held in Derventa, Bihać and Sisak

2. May 2011.

In Derventa, Bihać and Sisak public presentations of the project “Volunteering for Cross border Local Community Development” were held for representatives of local authorities, public institutions, civil society organsiations and volunteers. Considering that Local volunteers’ centers are to be open in coming months in these towns, the presentations were addressing potential users of the centers, presenting their future role in the community and ways of cooperation with all interested social partners. Moreover, the objectives and activities of this cross-border project were presented as well. 

In Derventa, the public presentation was organised on 20 April 2011 by project partner, association “BIOSPlus”, in municipal hall. Mr. Drago Tadić, director of BIOSPlus, presented the project itself, its objectives and activities. Ms. Irena Đumić, project manager from Youth Communicative Center Banja Luka, presented the concept of the Local volunteers center (LVC) and its benefits for local community, providing several concrete examples of OKCs cooperation with public institutions and CSOs.

21 April 2011, similar presentation was held in Bihać, organised by project partner “Women form Una”. The meeting was opened by Ms Izolda Osmanagić, assistant of Head of department for social affairs and youth in Bihać Municipality, stating strong support of the Municipality to the project. Ms. Aida Behrem, executive director of the “Women form Una” association, presented the project itself and cooperation opportunities that it provides for institutions and CSOs. Afterwards, Ms. Irena Đumić presented the LVC concept.

The third presentation was held on 28 April 2011 in Sisak, organised by project leader in Croatia, Local Democracy Agency Sisak. The meeting was opened by Mr. Tomislav Dovranić, Head of department for informing citizens, public relations and national minorities rights, who greeted representatives of social, cultural, professional and educational institutions working in different local community areas, and stated strong support to the project, especially since the Town of Sisak is the project’ associate. Ms. Paula Raužan, project manager from LDA Sisak, presented the project, expected results and its objectives. Ms. Irena Đumić presented the LVC concept and gave specific advices in exploiting LVC services.

During all presentations, the presenters answered to numerous questions from the audience, mostly on concrete volunteers’ placements in public institutions and ways of motivating volunteers of different age. Next upcoming activities were announced to participants, such as Training on volunteers’ management for participants from Sisak, Bihać and Derventa, and Opening of 3 new LVCs in following month.