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Shooting of the project video as a part of the project “Releasing Indigenous Education through Education”

10. June 2006.

In the framework of the three years project “Releasing Indigenous Education through Education”, supported by University of Warwick, UK and European Commission, one of the activities is shooting some of the mini-project that are implementing.  LDA Sisak mini-project “Indigenous Multiculturalism – Youth in Action” was selected together with two other projects (one in Georgia and one in Abkhazia). Therefore, Mr. Justin Temple form Old Street Films, Oxford, was hosted by LDA Sisak for a week.

The shooting was compose of filming photography curse, interviews with participants and course leader, visiting places where participants shot some of their photos, filming opening of the photography exhibition, talking to exhibition’ visitors, shooting towns, etc.

The video will be presented during final conference in September 2006 in Bulgaria.



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