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Volunteering organisers trained on issuing Certificate of competences acquired during volunteer work

20. March 2019.

Local Democracy Agency Sisak organised a training on issuing Certificate of competences acquired during volunteer work on 15 March 2019 in Sisak. The training gathered 17 participants from 13 organisers of volunteer work in Sisak-Moslavina county, working in health, social welfare, culture and youth work field.

Certificate of competences acquired during volunteer work is getting more and more recognised in Croatia as a useful tool for monitoring oneself progress and acquiring new knowledge, skills and attitudes throughout long-term volunteering. It helps volunteers in personal growth and development on one side, while it gives opportunities for developing even more quality volunteering programs and work monitoring to the organisers of volunteering.

Participants gained knowledge on what the competences are in a framework of the lifelong learning, how to monitor them in accordance to their volunteer program and how and to whom issue the Certificate. Moreover, the training was a great opportunity for experience sharing, networking and developing new idea in the context of volunteering.

The training conducted Paula Raužan and Matea Strižić from the LDA Sisak.

The training is held in a framework of the projects:

“On volunteering waves – an infrastructure for strong and connected communities” funded from the European Social Fund – leader: Volunteer Centre Zagreb, partners: Local Democracy Agency Sisak, Association IKS, ACT Group, Network of organisations Zagor, Home for elderly people ”Centre” and the Croatian centre for volunteering development.

“Sisak Volunteer’ Network” funded by the Croatian Ministry for Demography, Family, Youth and Social Policy and cofounded by the Town of Sisak through “Volunteer Centre Sisak” program – leader: Local Democracy Agency Sisak, partners: Town of Sisak, Elementary school “Braća Ribar” Sisak, Elementary school “Budaševo-Topolovac-Gušće” Sisak.