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What does citizens of Sisak think about volunteering?

18. May 2012.

Wishing to find out level of the citizens’ informing on possibilities for volunteering and on voluntarism itself, LDA Sisak conducted short questionnaire filled out by some of the visitors during the celebration of the Europe Day and International Family Day. 


28 citizens filled the questionnaire in total, mostly over 30 years old. The most of them did some volunteering or they know somebody who is volunteering. For voluntary programs they found out through people they know, media or by different humanitarian actions. half of the examinees know about Volunteers’ Centre Sisak, a central place to find all current voluntary programs. According to this, the most of the examinees do not know about  possibilities of international volunteering for young people under 30 – European Voluntary Service, funded by the EU through the program Youth in Action. 


Although they are not sufficiently informed about voluntary programs, all examinees stated that they do know that volunteerism is work on ones free will and humanitarian work that one is doing from the heart and not because payment. Nevertheless, they stated that lack of free time is preventing them to do voluntary work themselves. 


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