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ALDA Conference and General Assembly

8. June 2006.

Association of Local Democracy Agencies (ALDA) organised conference “Minority at the Crossroad: Minority Conflicts as a Menace for Peace or as an Opportunity? The Role of European Local Authorities and NGOs”, in the framework of the project “Cities Acting for Peace and Democracy in Europe”.

The project aims at improving the understanding of the role of local governments as actors for peace and democracy in Europe, in particular in their dialogue and work with civil society groups and youth groups. The main activities of the project contain capacity building and analysis activities such as an international conference and three workshops. In addition, a communication and awareness raising campaign is realized through a publication of “sunshine stories” on the cooperation between local governments and civil society organisation in the area of peace and democracy.

The conference gathered over 80 people representatives of local authorities and NGOs all over the Europe, including LDA Sisak delegate, Paula Raužan, who gave a speech on “The participation of youth in promoting peace and democracy in Europe: the experience of the commitment of the 11 LDAs”.

On the June 9, 2006 ALDA held its ordinary General Assembly.