INTACT: International Network of Towns – Active Citizenship and Twinning (2010 – 2011)

23. January 2010.

Co-financed by European Union, Europe for Citizens Programme

Project purpose is creating and developing an Interregional Network whose overall objectives are: to exchange good practices, to promote innovation and know-how by multiplying relations between towns across Europe in the context of the Local Democracy Agencies’ network. The project will strengthen the links between participating towns that are particularly involved in citizens’ participation issue and the promotion of EU values in the process of EU integration.

General objectives:

  • Foster citizens’ participation and interaction with local and EU institutions through debates on how to improve citizens’ involvement in public life at the local level.
  • Raise awareness on EU common values such as democracy and participation, promoting thus active European citizenship and European identity. By gathering together EU and pre-accession countries, we will promote a shared identity in the wider Europe.
  • To promote the involvement of citizens in the EU decision-making process through expressions of local democracy. Making ordinary citizens aware of their responsibility and of the power that they can detain, we try to give them a greater sense of ownership of the EU.
  • The project implies an intercultural dialogue, given the diversity of the participants. It is expected to create a network that will promote intercultural dialogue.

The most significant expected result is the creation of a Network of Towns that encourages town-twinning as a tool for a long lasting cooperation, especially in the field of citizens’ participation. It will result in creation of a wide-scale network to encourage the multiplication of cooperation agreements. Special attention is given to the EU integration process, focusing thus on eastern-western cooperation.


1. International study visit

2. Local Working groups

3. International summer school for students

4. Awareness raising and Information campaign

5. Policy making meeting

At the end of project CD will be produced showing the steps of creating a network and the benefices of twinning. They are to be addressed to local authorities in the involved countries as a tool for encouraging action at the local level and for providing technical support.

Lead partner: Association of Local Democracy Agencies – France


Croatia: Local Democracy Agency Sisak, Sisak-Moslavina County, Town of Hrvatska Kostajnica, Municipality of Dvor

Macedonia: Municipality of Bogovinje, Municipality of Vinica, Municipality of Aerodrom, Municipality of Chashka, Municipality of Veles, Municipality of Delchevo

Malta: Local Councils’ Association

Romania: Municipality of Vulcan, Municipality of Slobozia, Municipality of Braila

Italy: Institute for Social and Economical Research Puglia, Municipality of Nardo, Municipality of Monfalcone, Municipality of Brindisi

Bulgaria: Municipality of Silistra

France: Pays Vichy-Auvergne

Study visit and 1st Steering Committee in Sisak, 8-9 June 2010

Volunteers from Sisak at Summer school in Strasbourg, July 2011

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