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International youth seminar “Minority and Majority Youth for Equal Rights and Equal Opportunities”

21. June 2006.

Local Democracy Agency Sisak participated in the international youth seminar “Minority and Majority Youth for Equal Rights and Equal Opportunities”, organised by The Azerbaijanijan Youth Association of Georgia. The seminar was supported by Council of Europe “All Equal – All Different” Campaign.

The aim was to give youth voice to necessity of providing equal rights and equal opportunities to all citizens regardless the ethnic, religious or social background. The objectives of the event were:

  1. To discuss and analyze the information concerning the human and minority rights in South Caucasus Region and in Europe on the whole;
  2. To share experience of working on minority issues – integration problems, violation of minority rights, youth participation – between participant organisations;
  3. To promote cooperation, dialogue and exchange among the members of the youth organizations working on minority issues;
  4. To discuss the short and long term plans in Peace building and Human Rights work of participants organisations.

      The seminar gathered 30 representatives of youth organisations all over the Europe who wrote and signed the communiqué – “MINORITY AND MAJORITY YOUTH FOR EQUAL RIGHTS AND EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES”, which will be sent to governmental and non-governmental institutions in South Caucasus countries.