Vaš partner u izgradnji demokracije

JOBNET international kick-off training

29. November 2012.

The JOBNET project officially started by the international kick-off training for young researchers and project partners meeting, held in Košice (Slovakia) 29-30 November 2012. The main goal the the JOBNET is to draw attention on youth joblessness and to provide up to date solutions applied successfully in the fights against youth unemployment across Europe. 

During the event 30 participants gathered including 18 young researchers from the six participating countries (Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Latvia, Germany, Slovakia) where the young volunteers made their debut, got to know to each other and engaged in a joint co-operation and teamwork.

The trainers during the full-day training introduced the audio-visual research work what will be carried out in the young volunteer’s countries in the next seven months.

The expert of this research program, Dr. Gergely Guszmann Phd., introduced the details of the research plan and with the assistant of the project manager led the participants into the methodology of the research.

The most popular event was the international cultural evening, whereby their traditional dishes and a variety of productions were presented to each other through the youngsters point of view. On behalf of the LDA Sisak, representing Croatia, participated researchers volunteers Sanja Novaković and Marija Cvetković, and LDA Sisak President, Mrs Paula Raužan as the Coordinator of the research.