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Training seminar on digital tools held in Slovenia

19. December 2018.

In Črnomelj, Slovenia, from 10 to 17 December 2018, a training seminar “Digi-you-th” was organized under the EU project “Youth work in progress” applicated by the South East European Youth Network (Seeyn) through Erasmus programme. The main objective of the project is to increase the quality of youth work methods and to empower youth workers through capacity building for creating youth activities by using digital technology tools. The fourth, also the latest training “Digi-you-th” gave young people the opportunity to acquire digital competences for the preparation and implementation local youth activities.

The training was attended by 22 young people from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Macedonia, Montenegro and Slovenia. All participants are active in local nonprofit organizations ori n youth work. Željko Đermanović and Matea Strižić participated in front of the Local Democracy Agency of Sisak. New knoledge will help them to prepare and realize youth activities in their community.

Through seven days of socializing and working, the participants have met in an interactive way with theoretical base in the field of ​​nonformal learning and the learning process in general, which is focused on the development of personal skills and competences. They also got familiar with youth work and Youthpass certification, as well as many digital tools that could be used in their work for promotion, mentoring, education or communication. In the practical part of the training through group work participants developed and prepared project ideas that will be implemented after the training through activities that will involve and engage young people from their community. Problems highlighted by the training participants are mainly related to active citizenship, unemployment, gaining competences, digital literacy, gender equality and opportunities for young people in the field of nonformal education. All learning process of the training was leaded by trainers Ivan Volf, Marinela Šumanjski, Milica Žarković and Ilija Jovanović.

Except being educated, these young people have met the cultures and traditions of different countries and also exchanged their professional experiences with each other. Organizers from the local Youth Center BIT from Črnomelj organized a dinner for all participants in a local restaurant where traditional dishes were served and where everyone had the opportunity to dance with domestic Slovenian music.

Their unforgettable experience, as well as useful knowledge, will be brought by all participants in their communities and will show other young people how self – directed learning is important.