Vaš partner u izgradnji demokracije

Workshop: „Releasing Young People’s Energies“

11. May 2006.

Local Democracy Agency Sisak participated in the workshop Releasing Young People’s Energies“ held on Palic, nearby Subotica (Serbia and Montenegro) organised by University of Warwick and Local Democracy Agency Subotica. The workshop was held in a framework of a project „Releasing Indigenous Multiculturalism trough Education“ that is implementing the third year already and LDA Sisak is one of the project partners.

The aim of the workshop was to exchange experiences of young people and people working with youth on the issues of combating xenophobia in post-conflict and conflict areas comparing academic and practical points of view.

Background papers were presented by:

  • Jelena Obradovic: „Tolerance and Prejudice in Belgrade: Young People and their Constructions of Selves and Others“ from Birmingham, UK
  • Benjamin Perasovic: „Youth, Media and Subculture in Post-conflict Societies“ from Zagreb, Croatia
  • Marina Elbakidze“ „Multicultural Environment – a Source for Xenophobia or Space for Multilateral Dialogue between Young People“ from Georgia
  • Elena Omelchenko: „A Portrait of Youth in Abkhazia: Between Past and Future“ from Abkhazia


At the end of the workshop, recommendations for working on increasing xenophobia between youth were made.

Participants were academics and representatives of the NGOs from Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Abkhazia and United Kingdom. Representatives of the Youth Clubs from Sisak and Glina participated as guests of the LDA Sisak.