Vaš partner u izgradnji demokracije

Youth Work and Volunteering Against Radicalisation (2016)

21. January 2016.

Funded by the EU, Erasmus + Program

Leader: Youth centre BIT (Slovenia)

The project is designed as a training course gathering youth workers in Europe, taking place 8-15 November 2016 in Črnomelj, Slovenia. Through this 7-day volunteer management training course aim is to build professional development of youth workers and equip them with competences and methods needed for preventing violent radicalisation of young people especially those who are marginalised, as well as young migrants.

This training course is a response to a high degree of the radicalisation of young people, migrant crisis and the increase hate speech in Europe and a need of new tools for youth work for the actual extraordinary situation.

Through this course, is planned to:

  • Share methods and skills of including young people in community service and volunteering
  • Improve volunteer management skills
  • Acquire methods and skills on noticing and preventing radicalization of young people


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