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Development of new competences through volunteering

14. December 2020.

During long-term volunteering, volunteer acquire new knowledge, skills and attitudes – competences – that records in a Certificate of Competences Acquired During Volunteer Work. These competences are recorded in the Certificate which volunteers use for their personal and professional development, especially useful during job search.

Small group of volunteers got to know the Certificate and process of mentoring the competences’ development during interactive online education conducted by the Local Democracy Agency Sisak on the 11 December 2020.

The process of issuing the Certificate of Competences Acquired During Volunteer Work is a continue cooperation between volunteer and organiser of voluntary work, who jointly follow the development of a volunteer’ competences, for minimum of 3 months’ period. The competences are in line with the EU framework of long life learning key competences. Besides that, the issuing of the Certificate is a legal obligation, and organiser of voluntary work is obliged to issue it on volunteer request.

During the education, volunteers had an opportunity to practice identification of competences that might get further develop in concrete volunteer’ post and its expected learning outcomes.

They found the education to be interesting and pragmatic and recommends more volunteers to get to know with the Certificate and use it for further professional and personal development.

The workshop is a part of the projects Sisak Volunteer’ Network and Volunteer Centre Sisak, co-funded by the Croatian Ministry of Labour, Pension System, Family and Social Policy and the City of Sisak.


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