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Educating youth for taking over active role new project kick off

13. December 2016.

“Active youth for local development” is a new project officially launched with partners’ meeting and press conference held on the 12 December 2016 in Sisak Town Hall.

The purpose of this 12-month project is to contribute enabling strengthening local communities for enabling active youth participation and raising youth life quality in Sisak, Lekenik and Martinska Ves.

The project activities and expected results presented Paula Raužan on behalf of the Local Democracy Agency Sisak who is the project leader and on behalf of the partners Zrinka Hafizović – Town of Sisak, Maja Romarić – Municipality of Lekenik and Maja Šikić – Municipality of Martinska Ves. Radio Sisak is participating in the project as associate as well.

The Croatian Ministry for demography, family, youth and social policy funds the project.

Main activities are dedicated to forming 3 local active youth groups, age 16-26, taking part in free-of-charge long-term education providing necessary knowledge and competencies for community development in according to youth needs. Young participants will organise different educational activities, voluntary actions and public presentations of their activities as well, in order to address importance of youth inclusion in local development planning as equal partner.

Over 60 youngsters will be directly involved in the project activities which will help them in gaining new experiences, knowledge and skills required on labour market. Employment of 3 young persons is foreseen by the project itself.

Invitation to participate in the long-term education for active youth will be publish in February 2017 at the web sites of the project leader and partners.