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Sisak good practice examples of volunteering during a pandemic

22. April 2020.

At present, we are all together in a time when solidarity, goodwill and empathy are of the highest moral value. Without volunteers, it would be difficult for society to function during such a crisis.

Our volunteers continued to provide assistance to all citizens in their community only this time using new methods, digital tools and mostly from their offices or homes. In the area of ​​Sisak-Moslavina County, online volunteer activities and volunteer activities to assist the community and citizens during the coronavirus crisis are being carried out. Civic Initiative My City of Sisak provides psychosocial support and emotional empowerment through Social Networks for its Project Beneficiaries Intergenerational Dialogue – the Path to Primary Prevention of Violence in the Family and Society, the Good to Know Project, as well as Direct Contact with the Beneficiaries of the Women Employment Program I want to continue my education with active people who cannot be contacted directly at this time. Support is provided by Project Manager  Daša Lavor.

Volunteer activity was also absent from the Association of the Blind of Sisak-Moslavina County, which joined the #UnitedProtectionOfCoronavirusesAction. The volunteers of the association printed protective visors, which were forwarded to the health workers of the General Hospital “Dr. Ivo Pedisic“ Sisak.

Through volunteering online, JRS – the Jesuit Refugee Service also decided to provide her customer support. On a weekly basis, volunteer Doris Jelić assists elementary school children in the Sisak area in learning Croatian in the form of voice messages using digital tools and helping with homework.

The initiative was joined by the Society of Psychologists of the County of Sisak-Moslavina in cooperation with the Croatian Psychological Chamber and the Croatian Psychological Society. At the end of March, they launched a Telephone Counseling Center for people in self-isolation or those who need expert help and support in dealing with the current situation. Support is provided by volunteers and the line is active from 0-24 hours. They can be contacted at number: 091 781 3627. They also post useful information on the society’s Facebook page (link here) that can help all citizens.


Of great importance in the time of the pandemic has become online volunteering through which various ways can help the community, which is an opportunity to connect all volunteer organizers and all those who are willing to help others. Other forms of volunteering are still being pursued, but in keeping with the crisis volunteering guidelines to protect one another. The instructions apply equally to volunteer program users, volunteer coordinators, and volunteers themselves. 

We hereby invite all volunteer organizers and volunteers to become involved in helping the community and to share with us examples of good volunteering and solidarity practices.