Vaš partner u izgradnji demokracije

Breathe life into an old object!

14. May 2020.

We conducted another volunteer action as part of family volunteering and the project “Future: for us and for you!” through the goals of sustainable development “Sustainable consumption and production” and “Industry, innovation and infrastructure”. The purpose of the volunteer action called “Breathe life into an old object” was to “revive” old objects and breathe new look into them.

Our hard-working student volunteers along with their parents found old things or clothes at home that they felt they could no longer use and recycled them so they could reuse them. From imagination and creativity came new decorated flower jars, a new bag recycled from an old T-shirt, painted and decorated old chairs and cabinets, a decorative pillow made from an old canvas bag and a box for school supplies made from an old jar. Some of the students donated their works to their mothers for Mother’s Day and decorated them in accordance with the celebration of that day. Prior to the volunteer action, workshops were held where students did their homework, and the purpose was to introduce them to the concept of sustainable consumption and production and to raise awareness of the importance of recycling and encourage them to discuss with parents about industry and innovation in their city.

The project “The Future: For us and for you!” is co-financed by the Office for NGOs of the Government of the Republic of Croatia through the Swiss-Croatian Cooperation Program. The project leader is the Čakovec Red Cross City Society, and partners are Štrigova Primary School, ACT Group, Croatian Red Cross – Sisak Red Cross City Society, Ivan Kukuljević Sisak Primary School, Local Democracy Agency Sisak (ALD Sisak), Croatian Red Cross – City Society Donja Stubica Red Cross, Matija Gubac Elementary School Gornja Stubica, Zagor Association Network.

The program is co-financed by the Office for NGOs of the Government of the Republic of Croatia.


The views expressed in this material are the sole responsibility of the Local Democracy Agency of Sisak and do not reflect the position of the Office for NGOs of the Government of the Republic of Croatia.