Sisak Volunteer’ Network (2016-2017)

30. July 2016.

Funded by: Croatian Ministry of social policy and youth, Town of Sisak

Leader: Local Democracy Agency Sisak

PartnersTown of SisakCentre for Social Welfare Sisak

AssociatesSisak Tourist BoardHouse of Culture “Cristal cube of serenity” Sisak Town Theatre

Duration: 1 August 2016 – 31 July 2017

Grant value: 130.000,00 HKN

The project is contributing to the development of volunteering and its impact to socio-economic development and social cohesion of Sisak by informing and providing opportunities for involvement into high quality community volunteer’ programs to a wide range of citizens.

It will increase number of highly qualified persons capable for quality volunteer’ management, increase social recognition and awareness of volunteering as an instrument for socio-economical community development and number of citizens interested in volunteering and number of voluntary programs designed for vulnerable and marginalised groups.

The results will be accomplished throughout group of activities: 1. Development and capacity building of existing and future volunteering’ organisers in Sisak area, 2. Institutional recognition of volunteering and citizens’ awareness raising on benefits of volunteering and 3. Development and implementation of voluntary programs in Sisak area.

The activities are in synergy with the Volunteer Centre Sisak.